Lifting the dark clouds – Leanne Reilly

Lifting the dark clouds  - Leanne Reilly  Postnatal Depression is one of the cruellest forms of the illness. It comes at a time when you need all your physical and emotional energy to work 24/7 keeping a tiny, helpless little human alive and loved. It attacks you at your weakest point, when you are without… Continue reading »

Depression – Grainne McAnee (Aged 25)

Depression – Grainne McAnee (Aged 25)

Depression – Grainne McAnee This is a poem written by Aware Defeat Depression staff member, Grainne McAnee when she was aged 25. Grainne came across this poem recently and thought it would be a nice addition to the blog. Grainne has written a very powerful blog for us before and has such a beautiful way… Continue reading »

I am Depression Aware – Mark Kelly

I am Depression Aware – by Mark Kelly  There are several things that I’m all too aware of;   I have an annoying habit of biting off more than I can chew sometimes. This has led me to stress and anxiety, which could have well been avoided by simply saying no. A lesson learned, yes;… Continue reading »

Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development – Eddie McClenaghan

Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development by Eddie McClenaghan My recovery journey is definitely a long and windy one. There’s still bad days and last week in particular, I was seeking counselling and support every day for 6 consecutive days, all at different times of the day and night. When the tears… Continue reading »

Guest Blog – Geoff Wilson

Guest Blog – Geoff Wilson   As footballers we all know the importance of looking after our physical health. But it’s just as important to be on the ball with our mental health. In fact, physical health and mental health go hand in hand.   So how do you spot the signs?   SPOT THE… Continue reading »