Depression – Dean Irwin

It’s so quiet around me Yet so loud insideThought going out would helpBut just walked and cried.Trying to avoid peopleAs I don’t want to converse,Cos some things they sayJust make it worse.Like “look what you’ve gotHow can you be depressed?”Or “there are people a lot worseYou should feel blessed”But you dont knowWhat it’s like in… Continue reading »

Lifting the dark clouds – Leanne Reilly

Lifting the dark clouds  - Leanne Reilly  Postnatal Depression is one of the cruellest forms of the illness. It comes at a time when you need all your physical and emotional energy to work 24/7 keeping a tiny, helpless little human alive and loved. It attacks you at your weakest point, when you are without… Continue reading »

Depression – Grainne McAnee (Aged 25)

Depression – Grainne McAnee (Aged 25)

Depression – Grainne McAnee This is a poem written by Aware Defeat Depression staff member, Grainne McAnee when she was aged 25. Grainne came across this poem recently and thought it would be a nice addition to the blog. Grainne has written a very powerful blog for us before and has such a beautiful way… Continue reading »

I am Depression Aware – Mark Kelly

I am Depression Aware – by Mark Kelly  There are several things that I’m all too aware of;   I have an annoying habit of biting off more than I can chew sometimes. This has led me to stress and anxiety, which could have well been avoided by simply saying no. A lesson learned, yes;… Continue reading »

Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development – Eddie McClenaghan

Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development by Eddie McClenaghan My recovery journey is definitely a long and windy one. There’s still bad days and last week in particular, I was seeking counselling and support every day for 6 consecutive days, all at different times of the day and night. When the tears… Continue reading »