Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development – Eddie McClenaghan

Solitary Confided – A broken link found in development by Eddie McClenaghan My recovery journey is definitely a long and windy one. There’s still bad days and last week in particular, I was seeking counselling and support every day for 6 consecutive days, all at different times of the day and night. When the tears… Continue reading »

Guest Blog – Geoff Wilson

Guest Blog – Geoff Wilson   As footballers we all know the importance of looking after our physical health. But it’s just as important to be on the ball with our mental health. In fact, physical health and mental health go hand in hand.   So how do you spot the signs?   SPOT THE… Continue reading »

Paul McAlea – My Story

Paul McAlea – My Story My name is Paul McAlea and I am from Ballynahinch in Co. Down in Northern Ireland. Since the age of 12, I remember suffering from the black cloud of depression, along with low self-esteem and bullying. I believed myself to be overweight, unattractive and inadequate. I thought that everyone else was smarter… Continue reading »

Putting a lead on the black dog – every step increases your chance of recovery

Putting a lead on the black dog – every step increases your chance of recovery Every journey must begin with the first step. Whether this is putting one foot in front of the other or putting one foot on the accelerator in the car, the first step is crucial. I’ve already talked about the first… Continue reading »

Never Give Up – by MegHan O’Neill

Never Give Up – by MegHan O’Neill

When the darkness caught hold, it felt so cold, when the deepness swept in, I felt so thin. My eyes had gone grey, like they were going to fade away. My heart felt so heavy, it was very scary. I was all alone, that’s what I’d be shown. ‘Do not ask for help, they will… Continue reading »

The day I stopped pretending

It’s difficult for me to identify the start, the middle, the end of my journey into, through and out of depression. The start I am sure is rooted in the DNA determined before I was even born, in the way my life was when I was young, in how I, Grainne, interpreted all the things… Continue reading »

Soar Again – by Dean Irwin

Tears streaming down my face Heart pounding in my chest Today I can’t find the strength to run this race Full of anxiety, God grant me rest. Dark clouds have descended and obscured my view Feels like someone turned the dimmer switch down in my mind I’m desperately reaching out, to grab hold of you…. Continue reading »